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Here is the content from Nemesis To Go issue 2.

Scroll down, click to get to places you want to be. All the links below go to the original pages, but the navigation links in the grey bars at the top and bottom of every page will take you to the current issue of Nemesis To Go. Hit the Archive link to come back to the old stuff.

Front page from issue 2

Interviews from issue 2:

Tales From The Tour Van - The Human Value

Live reviews from Issue 1:

+ Ping Pong Bitches + Rapid Fiction + Greenhaus + The Problem Being

Underworld, London
Saturday November 4, 2006

Dandi Wind
The Do Club @ The Core Club, Brighton
Friday November 3 2006

Pere Ubu
+ Stan Ridgeway
Mean Fiddler , London
Tuesday October 24 2006

Psychic TV
Astoria, London
Saturday October 7 2006

The Human Value
Dublin Castle, London
Monday October 2 2006

Forum, London
Saturday September 30 2006

Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band
+ Little Tin Lady
100 Club, London
Friday September 29 2006

Diamanda Galás
Spiegeltent, New York City
Thursday August 31 2006

Drop Dead Festival
Knitting Factory , New York City
Friday September 1 - Sunday September 3 2006

Ari Up And The True Warriors
+ Chelsea + The Duel
Underworld, London
Wednesday August 9 2006

+ Scarlet Soho + Incite
Being Boiled @ Notting Hill Arts Club, London
Tuesday August 8 2006

These New Puritans
+ Blah Blah Blasé
93 Feet East, London
Friday July 28 2006

The Birthday Massacre
+ Screaming Banshee Aircrew + D.U.S.T.
Underworld, London
Thursday July 20 2006

Noblesse Oblige
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London
Thursday July 13 2006

Lords Of Altamont
+ The Priscillas + Skintight Jaguars
Underworld, London
Tuesday July 4 2006

Robots In Disguise
+ The Neon Plastix
Cargo, London
Monday July 3 2006

The Violets
+ Lost Penguin + Pink Riot
93 Feet East, London
Friday June 30 2006

Cinema Strange
+ Golden Apes + The Dead Guys + Bakterielle Infection + Hysteric Helen
Abaton, Prague
Saturday June 10 2006

Wave Gotik Treffen
Various venues around Leipzig
Thursday June 1 - Monday June 5 2006

Theatre Des Vampires
+ D.U.S.T. + All Living Fear + Maleficence
Underworld, London
Saturday May 27 2006

Full length CD/Vinyl reviews from issue 2:

All Gone Dead Fallen And Forgotten (Strobelight)

Attrition Tearing Arms From Deities (Two Gods)

Cinema Strange Quatorze Exemples Authentiques Du Triomphe
De La Musiqie Décorative (Trisol)

Cobalt Core Anymore EP (Strength)

Dandi Wind Concrete Igloo (Totenschlaf)

Paul Five The Poetry Of Drugs And Promiscuous Sex (Serosun)

Freudstein Mass Market Misery (Wasp Factory)

History Of Guns Whitby Promo (Self release) / 27 Paces (Liquid Len)

Lords Of Altamont Lords Have Mercy (Fargo)

Lydia Lunch Fueling The Rose Of Fire (Self release) / Willing Victim (Atavistic)

Noblesse Oblige Privilege Entails Responsibility (Horseglue)

The Opposite Sex Dollhouse EP (Opposite Sex Music)

Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women (Hearthen)

Robots In Disguise Get Rid! (President)

Siiiii Ancient (King Sol)

Thumbnail reviews from issue 2:

Go here to read about the releases listed below.

The Violets Hush Away (Angular)

DJ Foundation (Have They Not Heard) God Is Dead/I Shot You Babe (No label)

Entertainment/A Spectre Is Haunting Europe Split Single (aDistant)

Inertia Decade Of Machines (Cryonica)

Other Voices Anatomy Of Pain (In The Night time)

Crud Devil At The Wheel (Label unknown)

Knifeladder The Spectacle (Cryonica)

SonVer SonVer (Disconnected)

Xykogen The Death And Resurrection Show (Download only)


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