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Interviews - index page

This is the jumping off point for four interviews - with Birdeatsbaby, You The Living, Dressmaker and Fangs On Fur.

Click the band names above to go to the interview pages. Or, if you're more of a visual person, scroll down and click the pix.

Scroll even further down for links to older interviews.

Birdeatsbaby - Interview


You The Living - Interview


Dressmaker - Interview


Fangs On Fur - Interview


For selected earlier interviews,
click the thumbnails...

Manflu - Interview
Dogfeet - Interview Cold In Berlin - Interview
Neurotic Mass Movement - Interview Deathline - Interview
Tearist - Interview Zola Jesus - Interview
The Dogbones - Interview Kiria - Interview
Artery - Interview Ulterior - Interview

For even earlier interviews, look in the Archive.


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