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The Opposite Sex CDThe Opposite Sex
The Opposite Sex (Opposite Sex Music)



Hmmm. Somebody's been listening to Joy Division around here. The Opposite Sex favour a dry, driving bass sound and a certain impending-doom-is-looming-over-me vocal style that hints at a familiarity with Manchester's finest, but they also mash up the influence with their own sense of ragged drama. The result is good, even if you can pretty much guess what's in their record collections.

'In The Eyes Of Many' is a histrionic surge, bass and drums locked and loaded, the rhythm grabbing the guitar by the scruff of the neck and making it dance between the verses. Then 'Ceremony' (now there's a giveaway song title) takes things down a little, proving that the band can do warmth and restraint just as well as they can do abandon. 'The Sound' is a speedfreak anthem, the bass almost breathless as it runs after the tempo as if after a departing bus. And, to wrap up this EP, 'All Consuming' builds slowly, the drummer going round the cymbals, the bottom end churning, the vocals flying in as if taking a swoop over the song at tree-top height, and then diving into dubbed-out reverb as if into cloudbanks. It's a slow-burn spasm which recalls very early Killing Joke (back when they were doing punky reggae, long before their current metal incarnation) and it's undeniably an impressive demonstration of space versus dramatics. Nicely done, chaps.

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