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Cobalt Core CDCobalt Core
Anymore (Strength)



Now, I confess to being surprised. I had Cobalt Core marked down as a bunch of VNV Nation types. Thus I was all ready to experience a slab of pumpin' EBM, complete with four-on-the-floor beatz over which overwrought cod-emotional vocals rasp out, for such is the cliched sound of this genre nowadays. But that's not what Cobalt Core do at all, at least not on this release. 'Anymore' is, in fact, a lilting electropop ditty, built around a nimble, shifting beat. The vocal is restrained, almost conversational, and the song works well as something to listen too, rather than a dance-or-die workout. In fact, it owes little to the constraints of the usual EBM style (or futurepop, or whatever we're calling it this week) and much to the band's own ideas, which is a rare thing in any musical area in these troubled times.

'Anymore' appears here in four (count 'em, four) mixes, which is probably about three more than is strictly necessary, but in electronic music circles you're judged by the extent to which you're remixed up the wazoo, so I suppose simply not having the extra mixes was never an option. They're decent enough, but the original song rules. Then there's 'Memory' tacked on the end, an introspective, sepia-toned ballad-with-a-beat, rather like one of Depeche Mode's more atmospheric moments. It's neatly effective, and enough to confirm my diagnosis that Cobalt Core are a combo to watch.


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