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Dandi WindDandi Wind
Concrete Igloo (Totenschlaf)


Bizarrely, Dandi Wind describe themselves as 'Electro/Gothic/Industrial' on their MySpace profile, but I think they're just messing with our minds. More of a performance art happening than a pop group, in their photos Dandi Wind look like characters from a steampunk production of Les Miserables, while the sound on this CD resembles Kraftwerk's washing machine on self destruct cycle. And....it's brilliant.

Owing little to conventionally structured rock music, and sounding entirely unlike any band you've ever heard - it's impossible to list influences or soundalikes, at least without mentioning domestic appliances or garden machinery - Dandi Wind are not so much out on their own limb as entirely out of their tree. There are two of them: Dandi does the lyrics and fires her vocals at the music as if trying to machine-gun it down, Szam does the manic, churning, rhythmic noise. There's a drummer for live work, but the recorded incarnation is just the essential duo. Mind you, they make such a racket you'd think there was an entire party going on. Pell-mell and hell-bent, Dandi Wind's music is a heady rush of rhythm, fractured and distorted old-school electronica colliding with humping beats, while here and there curiously sixties-ish keyboard lines scribble themselves over the sonic landscape. Over all thiDandi Winds Dandi declaims pointed polemics and tall tales alike. The most accessible track - if only because it's (almost) got a singalong chorus - is 'Balloon Factory', a moving story concerning the discovery of the Virgin Mary's face on a deflated balloon. And when you hear Mary scattin' in the chorus, you'll believe she taught Little Richard everything he knows.

I'm not sure if Dandi Wind are mad, or if they're the only sane people in a world that long since went loony. But I'll say this: whether they're inside the asylum or outside, count me in on the party.





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