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Mueran Humanos
Cave Club @ Buffalo Bar, London
Saturday June 16 2012

Mueran Humanos


Tonight the Buffalo Bar becomes the Cave Club, a psychedelic, garagey, weirdo-friendly nite spot operated by two members of The Horrors.

What with The Horrors being bona-fide stars these days, that connection is enough to fill the place regardless of which bands are booked to play.

And that's good for Mueran Humanos: it gives the band a guaranteed sell-out crowd for their first UK date.

It's a bit of a strange situation, though. I'd guess that few of tonight's eager Cave Club punters have specifically come along to see Mueran Humanos, who are far better known in Berlin, where the Argentinian duo are currently based, than in London. It's the pop star connection that's packed 'em in tonight. Essentially, tonight Mueran Humanos have to win over a venue stuffed to the ceiling with Horrors fans, practically none of whom know what they're in for. Well, this should be interesting.

Mueran Humanos are taciturn and determined. They don't go in for jolly-ups. There is no "Hello London! Howya doin'?" Carmen Burguess stations herself behind her keyboard as if preparing for a potentially messy surgical procedure. Tomás Nochteff swings his bass as if lining up on a target. They kick it off and crank it up, and all of a sudden the Buffalo Bar is filled with a fog of rumbling bass-thunder and dirty electronics. It's a twenty-first century Suicide thing, but with a blank-eyed disco nihilism where Suicide nodded to rock 'n' roll; a minimalist Throbbing Gristle thing, but filtered through years of post-Gristle electronica.The beat powers everything. It's darkly, unexpectedly, groovy.

Mueran Humanos are an oddly effective dancefloor-filling machine. To wrench a rather more contemporary comparison out of the reference-box, they're the slightly scary cousins of our own Factory Floor (the two bands really should play together - all you promoters, make it so). The crowd of Horrors-heads, after a certain amount of nervous uncertainty, Mueran Humanospushes forward and gets into it. That big, dark, rhythmic sound is downright hypnotic, and Carmen and Tomás have a forbidding, glowering presence that dares you not to pay attention.

If the band have a hit in the making - a tune where the nihilistic groove becomes so naggingly accessible you just have to dance - then it must be the mighty, otherworldly, almost-electropop of 'Cosméticos Para Cristo', which tonight practically gets the Cave Clubbers doing the punk rock tango. Mission accomplished, then. Horrors fans assimilated.

Well, maybe. For all the audience's enthusiasm, I'm not sure how much of Murean Humanos the Cave Clubbers will take away with them after the dust has settled. I suspect many of the crowd are prepared to dig the band for the duration of the set on the strength of The Horrors' recommendation, but might not follow up. Mueran Humanos are possibly a bit too opaque and unnerving for anyone who's introduction to the dark side has come from The Horrors' chart hits. This band are altogether further down the road. But live music is all about the moment, and right now Mueran Humanos comprehensively own the night.


Mueran Humanos: Website | MySpace | Facebook

Cave Club: Website

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