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Here is the content from Nemesis To Go issue 1.

Scroll down, click to get to places you want to be. All the links below go to the original pages, but the navigation links in the grey bars at the top and bottom of every page will take you to the current issue of Nemesis To Go. Hit the Archive link to come back to the old stuff.

Front page from issue 1

Interviews from issue 1:

UK Bands Go Leipzig
All Gone Dead, Zeitgeist Zero and Killing Miranda anticipate the Wave Gotik Treffen.

Live reviews from Issue 1:

The Good Friday Dismemberment
The Ghost Of Lemora + Miguel & The Living Dead
+ Violet Stigmata + All Gone Dead
The Spitz, London
Friday April 14 2006

Lene Lovich
+ Parka + Rapid Fiction
Metro Club, London
Monday April 3 2006

+ Valdez + Surfin' Turnips
The Junction, Bristol
Saturday March 18 2006

Sheep On Drugs
+ Sputnik 2 + Atomizer + Cantankerous
Underworld, London
Sunday March 12 2006

Soho Dolls
+ Mechanical Cabaret + Suzerain + The Space Between
Underworld, London
Saturday March 4 2006

Julian Cope
+ White Hills
Koko, London
Thursday February 16 2006

+ Hot Chip
Brixton Academy, London
Friday February 10 2006

Gene Loves Jezebel
+ Soho Dolls + Miss T and The Japanese Tourists + Kandinski
Purple Turtle, London
Saturday February 4 2006

Brixton Academy, London
Friday February 3 2006

Shit Disco
+ The Horrors + The Violets
The Spitz, London
Thursday February 2 2006

Bring Out Your Dead
Psycho Charger + Bloody Dead And Sexy + Devilish Presley
+ The Last Days Of Jesus + Casual + The Torpedoes

The Spitz, London
Saturday November 26 2005

The Last Dance
+ Eva O + Rome Burns
Marquee, London
Wednesday November 16 2005

The Modern
+ Suzerain + Swarf + Reciever
Underworld, London
Saturday November 12 2005

Drop Dead Festival
Nina Hagen + Cinema Strange + many more
Knitting Factory, New York City
Friday October 28 - Sunday October 30 2005
Avalon, New York City

Monday October 31 2005

Whirl-Y-Gig @ 291 Gallery, London
Saturday October 15 2005

The Violets
+ Glue + Lovells Wharf
On The Rocks, London
Thursday September 22 2005

CD/Vinyl reviews from issue 1:

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
The Proposition - Original Soundtrack (Mute)

These Things Can't Hurt You Now So Throw Them In The Fire
(Something To Listen To)

Devilish Presley
Memphisto (November 10th)

Stop The Future (Fat Wreck Chords)

Gang Of Four
Return The Gift (V2)

The Human Value
The Human Value (Big Deal)

Lene Lovich
Shadows And Dust (Stereo Society)

Protect And Survive (Resurrection)

Mortal Clay
Procession Of Spectres (Self release)

Meds (Virgin)

Pro Jekt
Defiance (Pure Power)

All In The Mind (Versions) (Nova Diem)

Scarlet's Remains
Scarlet's Remains (Dark Dimensions)

The Violets
Descend/Carnival (Angular)


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